• Life is precious. And every effort to save one counts.

    India faces a shortage of 1.1 million units of blood every year. The situation is made worse with the wastage of blood!

  • Blood donation saves millions of lives every year.

    Paid & replacement donations have crippled the system. In fact, 1 regular donor can save up to 500 lives in a lifetime!

  • Say hello to Kibo. We are reimagining blood.

    We are helping create a sustainable blood donation system that overcomes the deficit and minimises wastage of blood.

  • See how we work or get in touch with us!

    Let's make this a better world, one drop at a time!

  • India faces a shortage of 1.1 million units of blood annually. That's equal to a total of 35 huge tankers.

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  • With a system crippled by replacement and paid donations, only 1% of the Indian population donates blood!

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  • A regular donor holds the power to save 500 lives in a lifetime. We are here to make that happen for you.

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How It Works

For User

Kibo combines the power of blockchain based health rewards to inculcate a habit of regular blood donation.


Kibo is bridging the gap between all stakeholders in order to streamline the blood banking supply chain.

For Blood Banks

With Kibo's platform especially built of blood banks in India, centralised management of data will make the system transparent.

Who Are We.

While inculcating the habit of regular blood donation among the people, Kibo aims to bring together database management systems and the power of blockchain techology to build a highly efficient blood banking system. Kibo facilitates the interaction between the varous stakeholders in blood banking, bring them all together like never before!

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